Création d'une collection, partie 3

Creating a collection, part 3

Azul, here is the last part of our blog "Creating a collection", 
To fully understand the different steps, we advise you to read the first two parts previously released on our blog, 

Chapter III: Production

Once all the technical elements (technical sheet, drawing, file, collection plan, etc.) have been finalized, they are sent to the workshop, along with all the materials and supplies necessary for the collection. 
The workshop with which we collaborate, was chosen with the heart and according to different principles to which we hold. He had to share the same values ​​concerning know-how, the well-being of workers and respect for the environment. This is why we bet on a workshop located in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, whose team is on a human scale and which shares the desire to develop local and healthy fashion. 

This Workshop accompanies us in the prototype validation phase and then in production. 
Together, we start by fixing a prototype, made in the final material , with all the finishes we want to have to be faithful to the desired model. It is tried, tested and validated when everything suits us. This final prototype also allows us to shoot the collection . It is therefore this last prototype that you will find in the window of our website and social network page. 
Once the photo shoot of the collection has been completed, the final prototypes are sent back to the workshop to serve as a reference. The production phase can then begin. All the parts are cut and assembled nearby, in the premises owned by the workshop, still in Auvergne Rhone-Alpes, which allows us to stay in constant contact , and to discuss how to proceed. 
The manufacturing steps are numerous and depend on the type of garment made, but the production chain always ends with a verification phase, to observe and validate the finishes and the smallest details. 
It is when all the products are validated that we can then recover them and enter them into stock. They are then ready and just waiting for your orders to be shipped and integrate your wardrobes. 

Voila, you now know more about the stages of creating a collection, it is a long work, which sometimes requires some backtracking, patience and a lot of passion. But it is always an immense pride to be able to appreciate the result, 

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