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TAMATSA, an ode to diversity, culture & its sharing

Based in France, TAMATSA is a ready-to-wear brand that highlights its Algerian heritage and its love of the Mediterranean world.
Our desire is to transmit and share the richness of the cultures that make up our history, and to sublimate our relationship to multiculturalism and identity.
TAMATSA mixes its horizons and fits into all wardrobes, by offering pieces that go in the direction of its ethics and that tell its story: that of a trip to the Mediterranean, through its medium of fashion and the textile.
We follow the classic fashion calendar, offering one collection per season, two collections per year. In a limited quantity of pieces, we highlight the quality of beautiful products.

Sustainable fashion

Aware of the impact and repercussions that the world of fashion and textiles have on our environment, TAMATSA, as an actor in this industry, must take sides and offer healthy and sustainable solutions.
It is about rethinking the way of practicing and consuming textiles, and raising awareness of conscious fashion.
TAMATSA thus offers products created and designed with this in mind, with maximum transparency on our way of thinking and producing our collections.

Respect for social values ​​and workers

Concerned about respect for work values, but above all human values, TAMATSA puts forward the well-being of its employees. TAMATSA is thus supported by social and solidarity enterprises, where workers benefit from healthy supervision, allowing them to be supported and trained in the textile trade.
Located in France, our collaborators allow us a close and transparent link with each person who worked to develop our collections. This commitment allows us to ensure the working conditions and the good treatment of all people related to TAMATSA


A local design

Locating our design and manufacture in France also allows us to limit the harmful impacts that the textile industry can cause. Office of creation, prototyping, manufacturing, printing and sending, we group each step in the Rhône-Alpes region. In addition to creating a real bond of trust with our employees and highlighting French know-how in the textile industry, we are reducing our carbon footprint by minimizing transport, transfers and other kilometers traveled by our parts to be designed.

Low impact materials

Due to its intensive and excessive production, the textile industry is one of the most polluting. To overcome this, TAMATSA cares about the origin of each of the elements composing its pieces. Textiles, buttons, labels, everything is thought out in a healthy and responsible way. Many suppliers allow us to recover materials that already exist but are unused. This upcycling approach aims to put back into circulation these neglected fabrics and supplies, destined to be destroyed. By using, transforming or recycling what already exists, we do not produce more material, we create and compose with these materials already present, which only ask to be used again.
We are also attentive to certifications and labels, which allow us to select materials whose manufacture, health and social standards have been controlled.
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